MacHeist 3

by on April 5, 2009

MacHeist is an interesting program that allows you to buy a bundle of Mac programs for a ridiculously low price. I participated in a previous one that let me get a nice screen capture program for the Mac and a bunch of other applications. Currently they are running the third incarnation of the program which includes 12+ applications. If you want to learn more about it in their words follow that link.

For $39 you currently get 12 applications. If enough bundles are sold, two more applications unlock. In addition, if you don’t mind tweeting an announcement, they will include 2 more applications. Finally, if you refer folks you get an application for the first referral that cashes in and another for the second. All told, you can end up with 18 applications for the one purchase. At the risk of sounding like Billy Mays, I will add “one more” thing, they send 25% of the $39 to one of 10 charities you choose, or you can just have them divide it equally between the ten.

So take a look at MacHeist (that’s my referral link) and see if there is enough value in that bundle for you. They even let you donate license to others if you already have the application.

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