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by on December 17, 2008

One of the key challenges of my job is managing input from multiple sources. Typically I have managed this process by gathering all the stakeholders in one room for a review session. The world is changing, though, and in a recent project I had a project manager in town, who works for the home mostly, another stakeholder in Chicago and SMEs in Portugal, France and Germany. LiveMeeting helps, but I just found a new tool that holds the promise of streamlining this process. I have used Adobe PDF’s commenting and revisions feature with some success, but it requires me to educate the stakeholders in how to use something they don’t normally use.

Texflow is a new product that looks like it was designed to make my life easier. Take a look at their demo on their site. If this works as good as advertised, I will be able to distribute my Word documents to the stakeholders, then easily compare the revisions with this product. I look forward to trying this on an upcoming project next year, and will check back in with the results.

It is an Adobe Air application, so it works on any Air-capable OS (e.g. OSX, Windows).

As a side note, I also have to say this has been a good proof of concept for me on the value of social networking sites. I was made aware of this on Twitter by a tech writer I have neverĀ  met in Utah. So whereas I would typically not recommend a site I haven’t fully vetted, it only seems fair to give Collin a link to his site as a thank-you.

Here is a review from C|Net (thanks to Michelle Lentz for the pointer):

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